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NB! This is a two-day course. Attendance both May 14th and 17th 2018 is necessary to receive credits.

Promo video can be seen here

Last registration date
May 7th

Learning objectives
This is an academic library course that will improve your skills in performing systematic searches for information, data and literature. It will give you an introduction to tools for managing references and to produce data management plans. There will be a lecture about copyright within the scopes of research and publishing, and you will become more familiar with the most relevant indicators within the field of bibliometrics and impact. You will also get to know about different types of open access publishing and how to get a broader outreach with your publications and academic activities. This course enables you to become a better researcher at the University of Copenhagen.

  • Search strategies for scholarly information resources
  • Tools for handling scholarly information, i.e. reference management
  • Open access, copyright and data management plans
  • Research registration, bibliometrics and impact

Timetables and lectures of the course:

Please note, the programme is subject to change

Language, form and ECTS
English – Lectures, exercises, discussion and curriculum literature giving ECTS
Coffee/tea and a sandwich will be provided.

Course facilitator
Rasmus Rindom Riise, Information Specialist, Copenhagen University Library rarr@kb.dk

Date and location
May 14th and 17th 2018 in the ’Faculty Lounge’, CSS 35-3-20; The Faculty of Social Sciences (Øster Farimagsgade 5).
Please note that the Faculty Lounge is easiest accessible from Gammeltoftsgade - see map here

Preparation and workload

  • All enrolling PhD students will receive an electronic form containing preparatory questions that has to be filled in before course start. It is obligatory to fill in this form. The submissions will only be used on an aggregated level. Individual responses will only be used when specific permission is granted
  • Make sure that you are connected to the institutional Wi-Fi, Eduroam
  • Between the two course days, estimate two hours homework to work with your data management plan

PhD Students from the Faculty of Science and Health. Researchers are also welcomed. 
Maximum registrations: 35 participants on each course – first come, first served.

There is no cancelation fee, but please use the link you get when you sign up to cancel your participation, if you are not able to participate anyway.

8:30 - 13:00
CSS: 35-3-20 Faculty Lounge
CSS: Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 København K

Event Organizer

Asger Hansen
KUB Forskerservice