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Join us for a round of interactive sessions (+beer and pizza) featuring real-world applications of graph databases.

In this event, you will learn more about how a database can be more than a simple "dumb" place to store your data and become an interconnected knowledge graph!

The event is free, but registration is required:

Please find below a short description for each of the short sessions:

Thomas Frisendal – tf-informatik.dk
Modeling - from business concepts to property graphs to physical models

Tweaks and transformations, some business semantics do's and don'ts and why it all comes together in enterprise knowledge graphs

Maria Scharin – neotechnology.com
“Intro to Graphs” and “Relational vs. Graph"

Talk about the property graph model and Cypher and general discussion about relational vs graph.

Fabio Lamanna and Omar Rampado – larus-ba.it
Unveiling Academic Collaboration Patterns with Graph Databases

We are going beyond the common metrics to evaluate the ranking of a researcher (page-rank, h-index) to develop a framework able to get your best academic recommendation system in real time, with the power of graph databases.

Thomas Thejn – salesvalue.net
Building a recommendation engine with Neo4j and Ruby on Rails

Why we selected to migrate from Postgres to Neo4j for our SaaS application for sales content management, and how we build a recommendation engine in Neo4j.

Pedro Parraguez – parraguezr.net 
Knowledge graph applications for global R&D analyses

Hands-on demo of the DTU - LARUS collaboration using Neo4j to map global capabilities to tackle climate change (using sustainable biofuels as an example): www.amica-pathfinder.net

17:00 - 20:00
Digital Social Science Lab
SAMF: Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultetsbibliotek, Gothersgade 140, 1123 KĂžbenhavn K
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