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Nvivo for your literature reviews

Nvivo for your literature reviews In-Person

NVivo has advanced features that can help qualitative researchers, but it can also help with analytical writing. In this workshop we focus on literature reviews, but the techniques and discussions we cover in the workshop can also be used when writing articles, conference papers, and student assignments. This is because NVivo helps you organize and “code” (categorize) your literature, identify concepts and visualize relationships between them and document your method. It can also be helpful in generating hypotheses and generally getting an overview of your project. 

At the end of the workshop participants will have learned and practised:

  • setting-up an NVivo project: importing data from reference managers, creating folders and codes, using case nodes, and classification attributes 
  • using basic analysis features of NVivo: reviewing and changing coding, add annotations, applying links and memoing
  • performing queries and creating frameworks to allow you to compare coded material across different demographics or among themes



Preperation for the workshop
Prior to the course, you must install the newest version of NVivo on your laptop. Just download the Trial version and use the registration key available through the UCPH Software Library. Here you'll find a link to QSR International - Nvivo. Click on the link and accept the agreement.  You can now start the download and installation process. You'll see three text files:

1. Nvivoinstallation.txt - an empty file referring you to the instructions in Nvivo_Win-Mac_Vejledning.txt
2. Nvivo_Win-Mac_Vejledning.txt - follow the instructions in this file to install Nvivo
3. Nvivo_Win-Mac_License key 2022 - Save the licence key where you can find it. You'll need to copy/paste the key in a dialogue box during the installation process

In case of any difficulties in this process, please contact Copenhagen University’s Service desk. 


Data needed for the workshop
You are also required to import a sample set of PDF articles into your reference manager that are available in the Absalon course room. Please find the Absalon course room and more information about how to prepare for the course HERE


Workshop design
The teaching is based on the PC version of NVivo, where especially for literature reviews the program works best. The Mac-version of the programme is not on the same level as the PC version, but you can of course attend the course with a Mac but there will be some functions not available for you to use. 

The workshop "NVivo for your literature reviews" builds on participants’ knowledge gained from the introductory course - NVivo - Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) / Introduktion til kvalitativ dataanalyse-software (QDAS). The introductory course is offered multiple times throughout the year in both Danish and English. If you are interested in working with interview data in NVivo, please attend the advanced NVivo course NVivo og interviewdata

The course requires a minimum of five participants.

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Course location: North Campus, Nørre Allé 49, Lighthouse KUB Nord, Zone 1 (Teaching rooms in the lower-level reading room)

/Lorna Wildgaard (lowi@kb.dk) 

10:00 - 12:00
Time Zone:
Central European Time (change)
KUB Nord: Lighthouse
KUB Nord - Natur og Sundhedsvidenskab, Nørre Allé 49, 2200 København N
  Analysis     Datalab     English  

Registration is required. There are 17 seats available.

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