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R for Absolute Beginners

R for Absolute Beginners In-Person

R is a general programming language, especially suited for statistical analysis and cleaning and visualization of data.

We assume absolutely no previous experience with programming, and will cover the basics of getting started with R, including:

  • Navigating in RStudio, and how to interact with R
  • Datatypes, variables and objects
  • Simple arithmetic and logical operations on data
  • Working with functions - and how to write a very simple function ourself
  • Import data into R
  • Summary statistics 
  • Manipulating data frames
  • And how to make a couple of the common graphs, that are as useful as they are elementary.

In preparation for the course, we recommend that you either download and install R and RStudio or register for an account at rstudio.cloud. Instructions on this can be found here, where you will also find the course notes, additional material and exercises.

Please note that this course will be held in English if any participants request it. Otherwise it will be held in Danish.

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13:00 - 15:00
Time Zone:
Central European Time (change)
Lighthouse, Zone 1, Lighthouse, Zone 2
KUB Nord - Natur og Sundhedsvidenskab, Nørre Allé 49, 2200 København N
  Analysis     Cleaning     Datalab     English  

Registration is required. There are 17 seats available.

Event Organizer

Søren Davidsen